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Anonymous asked: Ur so fucking perffff


I’m really not lol I wish

Anonymous asked: Ur perfect


I’m not

Anonymous asked: i'm starting high school tomorrow & i'm scared? that i'll be too shy to make new friends, or nobodys going to like me. i have friends from other schools & everything, but still. i have really low self esteem & no sense of direction, so i know i'm going to get lost. i'm never going to get to sleep tonight, i'm gonna be a wreck. ahh help?


Just be you:) you’ll make friends just try not to be scared or shy to talk. If people talk to you make sure you try and keep a conversation going. Like I said be you some people might not like you but we all have enemies at some point. Don’t let ppls opinions affect you. Enjoy your school days and good luck, let me know how every thing goes :)

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